Why Briidge?

Briidge was designed out of necessity, we grew tired of managing our marketing activities on Excel, having to spend countless hours waiting for feedback, and relying on WhatsApp & email to communicate with our marketing team.

The current project management tool ecosystem isn’t designed for marketing teams, they are either for software development or general business activities. We wanted something where we could go from ideation, all the way to execution for all marketing activities, big or small. Thus, allowing us to track the stages of a social media post, to a website revamp.

While running an agency we discovered that the lack of efficiency would ultimately lead to our clients paying. The more time wasted on feedback, the more our clients were billed. We also understood the lack of transparency for businesses working with freelancers or agencies. 

Questions such as, what’s the status of the blogs? Who’s working on the website? What’s our ROI? Questions that are valid, but shouldn’t have to be asked.

Who’s Briidge for?

…and any business that has hired an agency for marketing services

Briidge for Marketing Agencies

If you are a marketing agency, with at least 5 projects you’re working on this week. Then you should use Briidge. You’ll be able to manage your client projects easily, your team can update client assets, and most importantly keep track of everything, without leaving the app.

If you’d like to set up Briidge with your clients, sign up here.

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