How Marketing Collaboration Software can change the remote working landscape

Let’s face it, remote working isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Although I prefer meeting people offline to discuss ideas and strategies, I love the freedom of working from anywhere. There’s something freeing about only needing a laptop,the internet and reliable software to stay connected. The ability to maintain productivity with the team is what gives us access to a healthy work-life balance. We have pretty much maxed out our broadband bandwidth, but there’s room for improvement with the apps we rely on for managing our work and productivity. Especially for marketing teams…

The current landscape of marketing project management tools is great… until they aren’t. Current tools have intuitive UI, useful features and friendly pricing, but aren’t purpose built.

Operating like a hammer rather than a precision drill. Use case: Marketing teams.

After speaking with over a hundred digital marketing agencies, in-house teams, and freelancers, we noticed that most of their communication and collaboration stacks are a combination of many platforms. For example, Slack for internal and external communication, Google Drive or Dropbox for asset storage sharing, Email or WhatsApp for reminders and feedback, Google Docs, Slides or Figma for working on assets and Asana/Monday to manage deadlines.

This stack works, but it’s not easy to manage. Firstly, you have to pay for a bunch of different subscriptions, to then be jumping between (at least 3) apps to find docs, look for client feedback or scheduling calls, and skimming through the tabs opened in your browser for what you actually need. Overall, it’s just a waste of time. Not that we need to be robots and save every minute, but when you’re in a creative flow, it’s annoying to break that.

By this point, you’re probably wondering ‘So what? I’ll use a project management tool from the current marketing collaboration ecosystem to solve most of these issues.’

Yes, you could.

Airtable or Basecamp can do all of this. However, they aren’t hitting the mark quite the same for teams, much less for marketing agencies. Basecamp has an overly simplistic landing page for their marketing agency product, Airtable has a template which is pretty darn confusing to actually implement. Good luck trying to get positive client feedback on that!

That’s why we created Briidge. A marketing collaboration platform, specifically built for marketing agencies, in-house teams and freelancers, and eventually every stakeholder involved in creating a marketing campaign.

Take the 2022 Super Bowl ads for instance. There were probably over a dozen marketing agency folks up all night for months working on creating the perfect marketing campaign to make their $7 million 30 second spot worthwhile. Within the ecosystem, there are so many teams involved, pushing their own goals, making it important for sales and marketing collaboration to occur.

The product team: Want most # of features mentioned
Sales team: Want to generate most leads
Management team: Concerned with the company’s ROI’s
Marketing team: Tracking traffic to pages

What do they have in common? They are tracking their own metrics for success.

The only way for that to work seamlessly is if marketing teams collaborate.

Where can they do that effectively? On Briidge.

In its current form you can manage all your marketing agencies projects, add your clients and communicate directly with absolute transparency and efficiency. The only time you’ll leave the app is to actually work on an asset, otherwise everything happens on Briidge.

Yep, it exists. Briidge is the best project management software for marketing agencies, and their clients.

If this sounds like something you’d like to check out, hit this link to sign up for an agency account.

In case you need more information, watch a demo of Briidge here.

We know it sounds too good to be true, so speak to one of us on the Briidge team – schedule a call here.

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