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Integrate with your favourite apps.

60% of new business ideas come from our own work experiences.

Streamline your marketing processes

Excel sheets are boring, that’s why we’ve made managing multiple projects a fun & easy experience.

Do you often experience that aha moment when thinking of an idea based on a valuable insight? Instead of letting that get away from you, track the idea from the moment it feels like something, until you see it go live on social media- Bringing it to life. Thus, allowing a seamless flow of a thought to fit into the larger picture of executing an end-to-end campaign. 

Track your growth in real-time

“What’s my ROI?” – A common question we’ve all heard and are tired of answering. Provide senior management with real time analytics on your business growth.

Working together towards a common goal is a great way to keep a team motivated. It is useful for everyone in a company to be informed of the growth of a business every step of the way. This can be calculated across a variety of metrics, such as, website traffic, social media conversions, revenues etc. Then, using these as benchmarks for future iterations of work being done. 

Run smart experiments

Long term marketing success comes from A/B testing mini experiments till you find the winning campaign.

Testing, testing, till you get it right…
Long term success comes from short-term experimentation. This holds true when talking about A/B testing. A/B  test your CTA buttons, your website design, your email structure etc, until you find the combination that works best for you and your brand. 

Manage your resources

It’s no secret that human resources make up a business and are the core reason behind any success of an organization.

Whether you work with freelancers, agencies, your salaried team members or anyone in-between, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what everyone is doing and how they are adding value to your businesses goals.
In short, manage your resources and do it smartly. Let’s redefine the way we manage our internal and external processes. 

Why Briidge?

Not why you should use it, but why we built it.

After years of working in marketing agencies, we realized the need for solution which could not only streamline processes, but help bring people together.
There’s always a point in a marketing campaign where you’re waiting for feedback, keep everyone in the loop seamlessly so you can launch campaigns faster.

We want you to become a beta tester. Use and test Briidge absolutely free for a year.

Want to be a part of an awesome group of marketers?

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