Built for
Effective Marketing

Briidge is a collaboration platform
Designed to help teams launch marketing campaigns faster

A place for in-house teams,
agencies & freelancers

Integrated with
Slack & your inbox

marketing processes

Excel sheets are boring – Briidge makes managing multiple
projects a fun & easy experience.

Get feedback faster

“Following up with you on…”
An email you’ll never have to send again.

Manage your teams

To ensure cross-collaboration across organizations.

Why a marketing
collaboration software?

Rather than asking why you should use it, ask why we built it.
After years of working in marketing agencies, we realized the need for a solution that
not only streamline processes, but helps bring people together.

Offering competitive pricing – Grab it while you can.


For marketing agencies with more than 5 ongoing projects



  • 20 Active Projects
  • 10 Users
  • 10 Clients
  • 25 GB Storage
  • Client Mobile App (Coming Soon)

Watch Briidge in action

Looking to build effective
marketing campaigns?

Watch Briidge in action

Learn the why + how of Briidge in our on-demand demo.

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